10 Best Beaches in Croatia

Nugal Beach near Makarska in Croatia - photo by Ante Hamersmit

In this article, we’ll introduce what we consider to be the 10 best beaches in Croatia. Make sure to check those beaches for your holiday planning! We also put the 10 best beaches of Croatia on a map so you can easily find them.

Croatia Road Trip 10 days – Istria, Krk and Cres

Summary Road Trip north of Croatia

In September of 2020, my wife and I went on honeymoon to Austria and Croatia. We didn’t exactly do the 10 days Croatia road trip as described below though. Because the drive from Belgium to the north of Croatia is about 14 hours, we stopped in Austria. Because this is for most people a quite…

Top 10 Destinations in Croatia

St. Mark's Church in Zagreb

Croatia has so much to offer. There are a lot of beautiful beaches to get a tan and swim in the Adriatic Sea. There are a lot of medieval cities which make up a great travel destination. You have the 8 national parks of Croatia. Those national parks offer you turquoise water, waterfalls, mountains… Croatia…

Krk Beaches – Best Beaches on the Island

Umbrellas along the shore on Vela Plaža Baška beach

Krk Island in Croatia has a lot of beaches. Some are close to towns, but many are more secluded. Many of those secluded beaches are very beautiful and are a good alternative to the developed beaches close to the towns. In this post, we want to introduce you to, what we consider to be, the…

Oprna Bay Krk and Zaglav Beach

View of Oprna Bay beach

After our hike around Baška beach, we went to Oprna Bay. Oprna Beach was often mentioned online and people were bragging about how beautiful it was. So we had to go see it for ourselves! And they weren’t wrong! We added Oprna Bay to our best beaches of Krk island, as our number one!

Punat Beach

Sunset at Punat beach

Punat beach is located in the small town of Punat. During our travel to Croatia, we were staying in Punat. That meant that Punat beach was really close by and we could even walk to the beach. That’s the reason why it was a perfect afternoon activity. Both after our hiking tour at Baška Beach…

Magneli Beach (Brzac) Swimming Trip

Steven swimming at Magneli beach with the island Cres on the horizon

After our relaxing visit to Punat Beach yesterday, we were really excited to go visit another beach on the island Krk. The beach we chose was Magneli Beach. The beach is located in the town of Brzac, on the island Krk in Croatia. It was half an hour’s drive to the beach. After we had…

Baška Beach Hiking Tour

Umbrellas on the beach on Vela Plaža Baška beach

After our hiking trip in Novi Vinodolski, we had a good night’s sleep dreaming about our next day. Rested and ready for our next adventure, we headed out to go and visit the town Baška on the island Krk. We intended to do a hiking trail that led from Baška Beach to Uvala Vela Draga,…