Magneli Beach (Brzac) Swimming Trip

Steven swimming with the island Cres on the horizon
Steven swimming at Magneli beach with the island Cres on the horizon

After our relaxing visit to Punat Beach yesterday, we were really excited to go visit another beach on the island Krk. The beach we chose was Magneli Beach. The beach is located in the town of Brzac, on the island Krk in Croatia. It was half an hour’s drive to the beach. After we had finished our breakfast outside of our apartment, we packed our swimming bags and got going!

On the Road to Brzac

The roads in our (temporary) hometown Punat, were really decent for our rather large car. We drive an SUV. So it’s always challenging when we want to drive through old villages as the roads are mostly not built for these types of cars. 

The closer we got to Brzac, the smaller the roads became. It was clear to us that the towns we drove through were old and the roads were definitely not built with SUVs in mind. 

Now it wasn’t that bad that our car didn’t fit on the street, but there were some streets where you couldn’t get past an oncoming car. Especially in Brzac itself, the roads were relatively narrow and the houses were built on the road.

When we had arrived in Brzac, our GSP told us to take a left, right after passing a sports terrain and playground. We gave the road ahead a glimpse and immediately thought to ourselves: let’s leave the car here (location on Google Maps)!

The street you had to take was pretty narrow, but the real problem was that the entire street was surrounded by a stone wall. Meaning if you would come across another car in the other direction, you had to reverse down that small street. That’s something you really don’t look forward to on your honeymoon! 

Parking at Magneli Beach

We parked the car next to the street and took our bags out of the trunk. There was enough space to park your car safely beside the road. Of course, because we were still a little further from the beach, this parking space was free. 

We walked along the narrow street and were going downhill at the end of this street. This street would take us all the way to the beach. There were signs that helped us to find the way as well. When we were descending, the street went from a concrete street to a gravel road. The gravel road was pretty bumpy. Of course, bumpy roads are no issue on foot! But I can imagine that in a car, you’ll feel like you’re in a heavy metal band headbanging away!

Gravel road to the beach
Road to Magneli Beach (no cars allowed)

When we came across the first bend, we saw a big parking area on the right side of the street. The sign said the parking cost € 5 a day. We couldn’t see anyone who worked there, so we assumed that the high season was already over and the workers had already left.

We followed the street and descended steeply for about a kilometer. Our knees agreed that the descent was really steep when we were about halfway. I needed a quick pause to loosen my legs.
We noticed that all the small places on the side of this gravel road were blocked. Either by some big rocks or by signs saying you are not allowed to park there. So it was pretty obvious that they wanted you to park in the parking area and not put your car beside the road. 

Magneli Beach

When we finally got to the beach, our thoughts about the workers being gone were confirmed. All of the deckchairs you could normally rent were chained up on top of each other. There were no umbrellas, only locked boxes where we assumed the umbrellas were put in.

Magneli Beach 1
Magneli Beach 1 (Makneli Beach)

We looked around and saw absolutely no one. I don’t think we have been alone that much on any trip we have ever taken. It’s like Croatia knew it was our honeymoon and wanted us to have all the privacy we could ever want. That’s really considerate 😉 

Of course, it could also have something to do with the Covid 19 pandemic… but it’s much more fun to believe the first argument!

The Coastline of Brzac

We decided to walk past the beach and check out the trails that started at the beach. On the first trail we followed, we immediately got a little lost in the dense forest that was right there on the shoreline. We struggled to find a nice spot to swim and decided to go for an adventurous way to find one. We would go to the edge of some rocks and walk on the rocks for a while.

The main reason why we wanted to walk a little more on the rocks, was also that the side the beach was on, was still covered in shade. If you want to go for a swim, you always appreciate the sunshine rays on your skin when you come out. So we walked on the rocks until we found some sunshine. 

Elke climbing on the rocks
Elke climbing on the rocks at Magneli Beach

We found a nice spot to go for a swim. Here you could see the island of Cres in the background and everything else you saw in front of you was just the beautiful sea. We saw some boats coming by and noticed the waves were a little bigger when they had passed us in the distance. It was a very quiet place to go for a swim. 

Steven swimming with the island Cres on the horizon
Steven swimming at Magneli beach with the island Cres on the horizon

After our little swimming trip, we decided to try out our luck again on the trails in the dense forest. The main issue with these trails was that they stopped all of a sudden. You were just following a clearly “marked” path until you suddenly weren’t any more… The most annoying thing about that is that we always followed the path a little while longer, hoping it would become clear again, but it never did.

Magneli Beach 2 – Wild Beach

After a few dead ends, we decided it was time for another swim. So we tried to get closer to the sea and came across a different beach, Magneli Beach 2 (Magneli II wild Beach if you want to find it on Google Maps). When we approached the beach, we saw the weirdest thing! PEOPLE! There was a couple sunbathing on the beach and they were startled as well when they saw us. It was clear that we both weren’t expecting to see someone else at the beach.

View on the sea from Magneli Beach
View on the sea from Magneli Beach

They left a short time after we had arrived. We changed clothes and went for another swim. In Croatia, you can swim pretty far without having to worry about nasty sea creatures. The nastiest thing you’ll find in the water is a sea urchin, like the one we saw at Oprna Bay.

Elke standing on the beach
Elke standing on the beach at Magneli beach 2

And like the curse -or blessing?- had been lifted, another couple came down to the beach. The beach was pretty big, so in no way was that disturbing us. We just enjoyed the views and swam until our stomachs growled. 

When we were absolutely famished, we agreed to pack our bags and get back to our apartment in Punat. It was time to have lunch! 

Back to Punat

The way back was pretty exhausting because it was a steep climb of about a kilometer, and it was quite warm. We both looked like we just came out of the sea when we were back at our car. Both sweating like crazy from the heat and the climb. We changed our shoes and headed back to Punat where we went to the store to buy our lunch. 

When we got back to our apartment, we ate and decided that we would visit Oprna Bay in the afternoon. 

By Elke

Hi, I’m Elke 👋! I am Steven’s better half! 😉 I write articles for our travel blog. I love writing about our trips because I always relive everything and fall back in love with the places we visited 🥰. I also fell in love with the smartest guy I know. So if I’m being honest, I’m just writing articles and Steven does most of the magic with our website. I’m not great with all the tech-lingo, but hey I’m getting there! 😄 Hope I’ll have the pleasure to get to know you too!

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