Koromačno Beach Hiking and Swimming

Koromačno Beach
Koromačno Beach view from the trail

After our visit to Duga Luka beach yesterday, it was time to discover another beach in Istria County in Croatia. Today we’d set out to visit Koromačno beach close to the town Brovinje.

Koromačno beach (location here) is located close to the village Koromačno and is located south of Labin and Rabac. The beach shouldn’t be confused with Koromačna beach, which is a beach located on the island Cres.

How to Reach Koromačno Beach?

To get to Koromačno beach, you have to hike 🚶 for about 30 minutes (1.5 km / 1 mile). We drove with our car to the town Brovinje and then parked our car in the parking spaces next to the road, close to Villa Shanti (here). You can park your car there for free.

From the parking next to the road, follow the road further east. Soon the paved road will end and a dirt path will start (marked with the GR white and red stripes). You continue to follow this trail. See also our map below for an overview of the hiking trail.

Koromačno beach hiking trail
Koromačno beach hiking trail – map created on Komoot

Church Sv. Ivan Glavosijek

In the beginning, the trail is wide and the path goes quite smoothly. Halfway to the beach, you reach the ruins of a church and an abbey, Sv. Ivan Glavosijek. The Romanesque church is from the 14th century. Next to the church is a graveyard. More information on the Rasa tourist site. The church is located next to the cement factory Holcim, the gray area on the map above.

Church Sv. Ivan Glavosijek in Croatia
Church Sv. Ivan Glavosijek in Croatia

After the church, you continue for another 5 to 10 minutes. Here you’ll have an intersection where the GR marked trail continues onwards, but you have to take a right at an intersection and leave the marked trail. From here it starts to descend more steeply. The path gets narrower and more slippery. When we visited, the trail was wet, so we had to be very careful not to fall at certain places. But it’s manageable.

Arrived at Koromačno Beach

After the steep descent, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful pebble beach, Koromačno beach. The beach is located in an inlet and is only reachable on foot. Because of this, the beach is never crowded. Even in the summer season, there aren’t a lot of people here. When we visited, we were the only people on the beach.

Elke on Koromačno Beach
Elke on Koromačno Beach

One thing to note though: It was a quite hot day and there isn’t a lot of shade on this beach. When we arrived, we put on our swimming clothes and Elke took out her water shoes. I didn’t bring my water shoes because I don’t use them very often, but to be honest, the pebbles weren’t a real pleasure to walk on. 

After we changed we immediately went swimming to cool down. The water is shallow and clear. When swimming in the sea here, we saw a lot of fish 🐟 in the water. We even saw flying fishes!

Back from Koromačno Beach

After swimming, we changed back and rested a bit on the beach allowing our swimming clothes to dry and we started to hike back. To go back you just follow the same road again as you took to reach the beach.

Koromačno Beach
Koromačno Beach view from the trail

When we arrived back at our car, it was time to have lunch. We drove back to Labin and went to the supermarket to buy food. Then we ate our lunch and in the afternoon we went for another visit to Rabac beach. This would, sadly, be the final stop of our honeymoon in Croatia.

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