Krka National Park Croatia – Tips for your Visit

View on waterfalls of Krka from viewpoint of our hike

Krka National Park in Croatia is located around the Krka river. The national park is situated in Šibenik-Knin county. While there are fewer waterfalls in this park than in Plitvice Lakes National Park, it shouldn’t be skipped. It’s equally amazing as you have the opportunity to swim near a waterfall in Krka. The national park…

Krk Beaches – Best Beaches on the Island

Umbrellas along the shore on Vela Plaža Baška beach

Krk Island in Croatia has a lot of beaches. Some are close to towns, but many are more secluded. Many of those secluded beaches are very beautiful and are a good alternative to the developed beaches close to the towns. In this post, we want to introduce you to, what we consider to be, the…

National Parks of Croatia

Veliki Slap, the big waterfall of Plitvice Lakes National Park

In total, Croatia has 8 national parks and 11 nature parks. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to all 8 national parks of Croatia. This includes the famous waterfall parks, Plitvice and Krka, but also some less known national parks such as Paklenica and Velebit. As you’ll see in this guide to the national parks…

Croatia Coronavirus – Travel Registration & Precautions

Coronavirus in Croatia

The coronavirus certainly makes travel to Croatia and in fact all around the world, more difficult. When we went on our honeymoon to Croatia, we had to be quite considerate in what we did. Almost every country in Europe has a list of countries and conditions for entry into their country. Sometimes you’re free to…

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Rabac Beaches and Bars

Beautiful colors of the water at Lanterna Beach Rabac

After our lovely visit to the Beach Duga Luka, we went to visit the town of Rabac. We had already seen this town from a distance during our hike from Labin to Rabac. Rabac is another beautiful coastal town in the Kvarner Bay of Istria, Croatia. It is an ideal place to go swimming in…

Koromačno Beach Hiking and Swimming

Koromačno Beach view from the trail

After our visit to Duga Luka beach yesterday, it was time to discover another beach in Istria County in Croatia. Today we’d set out to visit Koromačno beach close to the town Brovinje. Koromačno beach (location here) is located close to the village Koromačno and is located south of Labin and Rabac. The beach shouldn’t…

Labin to Rabac – Sentona’s Trail

Labin old town in Istria County

We started off our day with one last swim at our rented house in Lošinj. After that swim, we checked out and we drove up north. We were going to take the ferry to the mainland again. Our next stop would be the beautiful old town called Labin, in Istria County. From there we wanted to…

Lošinj – Visit of the Island

Elke on an air mattress in the sea

The next morning we packed our luggage as it was time to go and leave Punat behind and go to our next destination, the island Lošinj. This is an island connected to the island Cres. Just like Cres, Lošinj is an island in the Kvarner Gulf. This meant our adventures and exploration of the beaches…

Oprna Bay Krk and Zaglav Beach

View of Oprna Bay beach

After our hike around Baška beach, we went to Oprna Bay. Oprna Beach was often mentioned online and people were bragging about how beautiful it was. So we had to go see it for ourselves! And they weren’t wrong! We added Oprna Bay to our best beaches of Krk island, as our number one!

Punat Beach

Sunset at Punat beach

Punat beach is located in the small town of Punat. During our travel to Croatia, we were staying in Punat. That meant that Punat beach was really close by and we could even walk to the beach. That’s the reason why it was a perfect afternoon activity. Both after our hiking tour at Baška Beach…